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What the press have been saying about Killing Miranda's "Consummate"

"There's really no reason why Killing Miranda shouldn't be able to soar to greater heights with their third album. They might even smash through the glass ceiling of goth." Terrorizer (UK)

"I dare say if the record had Manson written on it, it would be played up and down the radio. Yes, Killing Miranda produced a modern album which wonderfully combines electronica and Rock. " Metal Factory (Switzerland)

"These days, the Brits sound more like Rammstein, Zeromancer or KMFDM, so more of a mix of hard guitars and electronics than bold guitar riffs and unruly party flavour. This musical mix suits them very well" Oblivion.de (Germany)

"They inject their music with a mixture of electrical and rocking Beats... which celebrate to animate." Gothic Online.de (germany)

"Killing Miranda present themselves as both powerful and thrilling with their most current album! Goth-tuned avantgarde from the genre's fatherland"- Gothic Magazine (germany)

"The Brits are on the loose! ...like a wild marriage of NIN and STABBING WESTWARD " Musik Terrorverlag.de (germany)

"Listen to songs like ‘Conspiracy Theory’, ‘Embrace’, ‘No More Love Songs’, ‘Bastard/ Heretic’, ‘Boy Meets Gun’ and try to sit still on your seat. " Gothtronic (holland)

"So, ‘crossing over’. It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? When one tires of being a stroppy fish in a quiet, placid backwater, and wants to flex muscles and go on a musical rampage?" Mick Mercer (UK)

"Killing Miranda have provided an album that although littered with 80s ideals is one that also provides a fresh outlook on a genre that is perhaps not as dead as the children that worship it look." Live 4 Metal (UK)

"Fans of Marilyn Manson, Tool and in some cases Incubus take heed, for any of these bands could become the direction that Killing Miranda seem to be expanding towards."- Gothicrevue (US)



Consummate is now in it's second run and available from Pinnacle stockists (including branches of HMV) in the UK, Soulfood / Sony in Germany / europe and shortly accross the united states and canada.

Alternatively get your online orders off to:




(germany / europe)

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