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Killing Miranda on Planet Spam december 2004

First off ! Two incoming gigs wot you need to know about.

Saturday, 04th of December 2004
Belfast, Cornucopia - 028 90649297

Friday, 10th of December 2004
London, Underworld - 0870 400 0688
Supporting Zodiac Mindwarp

And hey hey for "two runs gone and still going strong" it's "Consummate" by Killing Miranda. Saith the press:

9/10- Orkus Magazine. 9/10 - Sonic Seducer Magazine. 5/6 Metal Hammer Gemany.

"After the wait, ‘Consummate’ is just what the doctor ordered". The worst fanzine.

"Lush fluid Industrial dark wave flavours, dark jagged edges, sharp edges and the finest moments yet from the London crew. We could call it goth but that kind of devalues it a little" Organ Magazine

"They might even smash through the glass ceiling of goth. 9 out of 10" Terrorizer

"a release which has sparked my interest in this scene (especially in the UK) yet again and will have found its way into my CD player not for the last time" Walls of Fire (germany)

"Rock DJs who play dark clubs should incorporate Killing Miranda into their sets and to the rest of the black cloaked people I say this: Shake a leg and "consummate" until you fall over. 8.9 out of 10"- Metal Factory (Swizerland)

"These days, the Brits sound more like Rammstein, Zeromancer or KMFDM, so more of a mix of hard guitars and electronics"- Obliveon.de (germany)

"They inject their music with a mixture of electrical and rocking Beats... which celebrate to animate." Gothic Online.de (germany)

"Killing Miranda present themselves as both powerful and thrilling with their most current album! Goth-tuned avantgarde from the genre's fatherland"- Gothic Magazine (germany)

"The Brits are on the loose! ...like a wild marriage of NIN and STABBING WESTWARD " Musik Terrorverlag.de (germany)

"Listen to songs like ‘Conspiracy Theory’, ‘Embrace’, ‘No More Love Songs’, ‘Bastard/ Heretic’, ‘Boy Meets Gun’ and try to sit still on your seat. " Gothtronic (holland)

"Killing Miranda have provided an album that although littered with 80s ideals is one that also provides a fresh outlook on a genre that is perhaps not as dead as the children that worship it look." Live 4 Metal (UK)

"Fans of Marilyn Manson, Tool and in some cases Incubus take heed, for any of these bands could become the direction that Killing Miranda seem to be expanding towards."- Gothicrevue (US)

Buy the bastard now from HMV and selected Virgin Megastores.

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