Emily ze Glass Goth (zeglassgoth) wrote in betteroffundead,
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You Shriek!

Sources tell me that a newer band touring with Bella Morte and The Brides by the name of You Shriek! is blowing audiences away. Has anyone heard them, and if so, do you think they are as good as people say they are?
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They seem to have covered Bela Lugosi's Dead...
I'm downloading it now...
Tell me how it is after you listen to it. =)
It's beepy
Well yeah, but so is "Bela Lugosi's Dead". Well, not really "beepy", but...well, you know what I mean. =P
But this is electronic beepy
And has samples
Their cover or Warsaw by Joy Division is very good
hur hur hur... ::Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep:::
::giggles madly::
BeeeEEEeeeEEEpppPPPppPPpppPP dum dum dum

:: also giggles madly ::
...I'm a wee bit conf00zled. =P
Joke I had with Rayna about the Bela Lugosi's Dead cover XD
Oh yes...I 'member, now. =)
>do you think they are as good as people say they are?

Everything sounds like a waste of any more time to me. *shrug*